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Saving money for the future doesn’t mean you’re never allowed to have fun. Keeping everything in moderation and remembering the importance of balance will go a long way in terms of getting you on the right track.

The key is to find the sweet spot between being a tightwad and overspending. It might take a little practice but living frugally is a great step towards securing a bright financial future. Read on for a few of my top tips on how to save money without being overly miserly.


Start Small

Don’t feel like you have to change your entire lifestyle overnight. Wanting to do so is admirable but such drastic change rarely works. Try identifying one or two things you can cut back on each week until you are living the type of budget-friendly lifestyle to which you aspire. Slow progress is the easiest to sustain in the long term.


Make a Budget

After you have identified some places you can cut back and taken action, take the next step and map out a formal budget. If every dollar you bring in is accounted for, there is much less room for error and a much greater chance of realizing your financial goals. Wondering how to go about making a budget? I’ve got the answers you seek right here! (Insert link on how to make a budget).

Start an Emergency Fund

Until you have a well-stocked emergency fund, you should be dedicating a portion of your monthly budget to building one. An emergency fund is the best way to be prepared for the unexpected and will keep you from panicking when an unplanned expense pops up. Starting an emergency fund does require some short-term sacrifice while you are building it up. But the long-term benefit is that you won’t have to drastically and suddenly alter your lifestyle in the event of an unforeseen car repair bill or trip to the vet. Don’t know how to put together an emergency fund? See more info on that right here! (Insert link)


Shop for High End Brands at Consignment Shops or Poshmark Instead of Paying Full Price

Even though you’re trying to save, you don’t have to give up everything you love. Buying lightly used or even new threads via a reseller can save you serious cash. You can still sport the brands you dig and no one but you will know that you got your dapper duds for a fraction of the cost.

Stop Paying for Things You Don’t Use

If you have subscriptions to a streaming service that you haven’t accessed in months or a gym membership that you simply are not using, cancel them. You are throwing money away on products and services that you aren’t getting any benefit from and it’s costing you. The funds you free up that way can be allocated towards something you will actually use. And if you get motivated, you can reactivate your gym membership at any time.


Plan to Splurge Once in a While

Put a line item in your budget for spoiling yourself. You are more likely to stick to your goals if you allow yourself a few indulgences. There is an inherent value to giving yourself some leniency and grace because you are more likely to fail if you try to give up too much or attempt to cut out anything that doesn’t serve a utilitarian purpose. The idea is to save more and invest in your future, not to save every penny and make yourself miserable in the process.

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